Building a Vibrant Randolph County

Building a Vibrant Randolph County

“Vibrant communities don’t just happen; they’re built.” – Quint Studer

In 2019, members of the Chamber, Elkins Main Street, the Randolph County Development Authority, Elkins City Council, the Randolph County Commission and other community leaders began a shared book study of Quint Studer’s Building A Vibrant Community. The book is a blueprint for transforming a community. Quint Studer, through the book and his presentations, shows you how your community can get from where it is now to where it wants to be…a place where people want to live, work, play, and stay!

In the fall of 2019, two Chamber members attended one of Quint Studer’s conferences, and he was invited to be our guest speaker for the Chamber’s Annual Dinner & Awards. That invitation turned into an all-day affair in March of 2020. Quint’s VIBRANT VISIT included a workshop, meet and greet small group gatherings, and an evening celebration. Over 350 people had the opportunity to learn as Quint Studer laid out the tactics that our community of Elkins/Randolph County can use as we move toward vibrancy!

Following Quint’s visit, the Chamber’s VIBRANT RESPONSE led to the formation of 12 Task Forces charged with focusing on key aspects of transformation that will improve the quality of life and the economic stability of our community for the future. Are you willing to join us as we forge a new path for Randolph County?

Compliments of Tygart Valley Orthopedics, the Elkins-Randolph County Chamber has free copies of Building A Vibrant Community available to those who are interested. Call the Chamber for your copy.

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2020 Vibrant Community Report

Task Forces

Vibrant Response Articles:

#1 Introduction (BAVC Chapter 1 By Lisa Wood)
#2 The Pensacola Story (BAVC Chapter 2 By Mike Bell)
#3 Getting Started (BAVC Chapter 3 By Mark Scott)
#4 Setbacks, etc. (BAVC Chapter 4 By Jack Tribble)
#5 Reopening 2020 (Editorial By Mark Doak)
#6 Your City (BAVC Chapter 5 By Wendy Morgan)
#7 Change (BAVC Chapter 6 By Wendy Morgan)
#8 Your Part in 2020 (Editorial By Mark Doak)
#9 Momentum (BAVC Chapter 7 By Denise Campbell)
#10 Downtown (BAVC Chapter 8 By Denise Campbell)
#11 Little Things (BAVC Chapter 9 By Mike Bell & Wendy Morgan)
#12 Government (BAVC Chapter 10 By Mike Bell & Wendy Morgan)
#13 Education (BAVC Chapter 11 By Lisa Wood)
#14 What’s Your Message? (Task Force Update – Lisa Wood)
#15 Shop Local (Editorial – Mark Doak)
#16 Support Local (Task Force Update – Madalyn Humphrey)
#17 Early Brain Development (Task Force Update – Michael Hayes)
#18 What is Economic Development? (Editorial – Robbie Morris)
#19 Are You Ready To Join Us? (Editorial – Lisa Wood)
#20 Are You Plugged In? (Task Force Update – Mike Bell)
#21 Interns Can Build Your Business AND The Community At The Same Time (Editorial – Chris Jones)
#22 Tourism (Editorial – Anne Beardslee)
#23 A Vibrant Streetscape (Editorial – Dave Cutlip)
#24 Smaller Retailers Add Online Shopping (Editorial – Heather Hanna)
#25 Building a “Thriving,” Vibrant Community (Editorial – Mark Doak)
#26 Think Inclusion! (BAVC Chapter 13 by Mark Doak)
#27 Capture the Youth (BAVC Chapter 14 by Lisa Wood)
#28 Reflections from a “New” Resident (Editorial – Imre Barsy)
#29 We ARE the Place! (Editorial by Taira Landavere)
#30 We’re Resilient! (Editorial by Lisa Wood)
#31 Vital Role of Healthcare Providers (BAVC Chapter 12 by Mike Bell)
#32 It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (Editorial by Lisa Wood)
#33 Shopping Small Makes BIG Impact (Editorial by Madalyn Humphrey)
#34 Words & Phrases (Editorial by Mark Doak)
#35 Mayor’s Message (Editorial by Van Broughton)
#36 Oh! This Place That We Know (Editorial by Lisa Wood)
#37 It’s About Mindset (Editorial by Anne Beardslee)
#38 Social Distancing (Editorial by Mark Doak)
#39 Sprout Into Spring (Invitation by Madalyn Humphrey & Lisa Wood)
#40 Attracting Investment (Editorial by Lisa Wood)
#41 Community Investment, Broughton’s (Editorial by Madalyn Humphrey)
#42 Community Investment, Byrd’s (Editorial by Tommy Byrd & Thomas Byrd)
#43 Community Investment, TipTop (Editorial by Catie & Cade Archuleta)