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The Elkins-Randolph County Chamber wishes to congratulate the Chamber’s November 2020 Spotlight Business of the Month, Greenfield Cabinetry.

Greenfield Cabinetry is part of The Corsi Group, headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Corsi Group began building cabinets in Indianapolis in 1973. In 1978, Pat Corsi, owner of The Corsi Group, identified Elkins as the place to start a new plant. Greenfield Cabinetry opened in Elkins, WV in November of 2000, so Happy 20th Anniversary! Greenfield Cabinetry builds custom residential kitchen and bath cabinetry. Corsi states, “Our mission is to provide a safe and respectful work environment for our 70+ employees, while producing a high-quality product with maybe a little bit of fun thrown in.”

Corsi explains that Greenfield Cabinetry has managed to grow in this hyper-competitive industry by closely monitoring consumer preferences and having an appetite for the flexibility required to meet rapid change. He notes that for a company of its size, Greenfield Cabinetry maintains an intense focus on all manner of software and Internet platform development. He used to joke that The Corsi Group is a software development company with sawdust on the floor. Now, it’s a fact that automation is central to their business success.

Corsi decided years ago that it was best to support local, non-profit efforts with monthly contributions as opposed to lump sums. It’s a way for the company to budget and count on. Greenfield Cabinetry supports the Randolph County Humane Society, the Elkins Randolph County YMCA, and Women’s Aide in Crisis of Elkins. They also contribute annually to United Way of Randolph County and the Mountain State Forest Festival. In addition, as a natural fit with their neighbor, Greenfield Cabinetry is pleased to donate materials for the training classes at the WV Wood Technology Center.

The number of associates who have been at Greenfield Cabinetry for more than ten years is one of the achievements for which Corsi is most proud. “In today’s world, that’s right at the top of my list,” stated Corsi. In addition, he is proud of the economic impact Greenfield Cabinetry has had in Randolph County. “Our little cabinet shop has contributed a lot to this corner of West Virginia.”

The Chamber whole-heartedly agrees! Again, the Chamber congratulates Greenfield Cabinetry as our November 2020 Spotlight Business of the Month!

Executive Director, Lisa Wood – left, presents certificate to Richard Simmons, Plant Manager, and Seneca Raines, HR Director.

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