Q: What is the Elkins-Randolph Chamber of Commerce/ What does the ERCCC Community Investment do?
A: The mission of the Elkins-Randolph County Chamber of Commerce is to advocate, educate, and network to enhance business opportunities in Elkins-Randolph County. The Community Investment Program of the Elkins-Randolph Chamber of Commerce is a means by which organizations may secure financial assistance for programs and/or projects that will support the development of business opportunities.

Q: Will the Elkins-Randolph Chamber Community Investment Program fund an entire project or program?
A: Entire large projects or programs will not be funded solely by ERCCC. Organizations or individuals should individually raise a portion of the required funds and gain financial support of other organizations.

Q: What else does the Community Investment Committee consider?
A: Community Investment applications must:
• Establish a need, quality, and effectiveness of the program and/or project.
• Exhibit genuine commitment toward the program and/or project.
• Identify how the program and/or project will enhance the development of business opportunities of Randolph County.
• Must represent the common interest of business in Randolph County.
• Project to include goals to be achieved from funding.
• Merits of the project are reviewed by the committee with final decisions made by Board of Directors.

Q: How much money can I receive?
A: Each Community Investment application is reviewed on its own merit and the committee will determine the dollar amount awarded not to exceed $30,000.


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